Educational Projects These are our various implimented projects.

PGI has for years worked towards addressing these issues through support from various donors and in our current strategic plan we endeavour to progress in ensuring that we tackle issues affecting girls' access to education in collaboration with stakeholders and partners. Our interventions in the past years are as follows:

Construction of Fafi girls primary

  • Project duration 2012 to 2013
  • Location Ruka and Ijara District
  • Sponsors Ministry of health, PGI & IDRF
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PGI through IDRF constructed a health centre facility, this would be convenient to pastoralists who move with their pastures consequently they can have access to any available health facility at their disposal.
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Construction of 3 dinning halls

  • Project duration Mar 2012 to date
  • Location Garissa County
  • Sponsors AJWS and PGI
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The project was overly success and welcomed by many stakeholders, the Government of Kenya little support to the schools is now also using our strategy of making sure that many girls will benefit from it
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Construction of 4 classrooms

  • Project date 2012 to date
  • Client Fafi and Ijara
  • Sponsors AJWS & PGI
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PGI aims to improve water collection and conservation mechanisms, develop better water management systems and promote hygiene conditions among pastoralist communities in North Eastern
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Constructing science laboratory

  • Project date Nov 2012 to March 2013
  • Client Iftin, Fafi & Umusalama Girls
  • Sponsors PGI, Japan Embassy & IDRF
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PGI through funding from IDRF have taken the initiative of constructing a 120 capacity dinning hall that will be serving both as a dinning hall and a multipurpose hall..
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Equipping 4 secondary schools

  • Project date January 2013
  • Location Garissa county
  • Sponsors Mama Cash, GOK & PGI
We Identify, train and link potential girl's leaders and women aspirants in the county on seeking for leadership position in the county, region and national level
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Mentorship Programs for Girls

  • Project date 2012 to date
  • Clients Fafi Girls Secondary
  • Sponsors IDRF and PGI
goat keeping
PGI through IDRF have embarcked on a Project that is viable, innovative, income generating and one that will creating employment and contributing to enhanced overall food security in schools.
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