Construction of a Dispensary A Pastoralist Girls Initiative
PGI Constructional Work
  • Project date May 27th 2012
  • Location Fafi and Ijara District
  • Sponsors IDRF, PGI & Ministry of Public Health

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Construction & Equipping DIISO and Ruka Dispensary

Ruka dispensary in Ijara District needed upgrading and equipments for sustainability purposes and to enhance access of quality health care for the community. They also needed a source of water that would ease their activities in the facility and their environs. while in DIISO, the people needed a health facility constructed so that they can have their own dispencary and avoid walking 35Km to Ruka

The Global acute malnutrition rate in the two districts is very low hence PGI through various discussions with the DNO's of the said districts decided to help improve the nutrition level of women and children in Diiso and Ruka through purchasing and disbursing iron and vitamin supplements, to both districts in the two health centres.

These districts were found to have the lowest HINI coverage as a result of high illiteracy levels leading to the communities not seeking services from the health centres.

Thanks to this initiative, the women can finally deliver and have antenatal care this would reduce the deaths that occur due to complications incurred when transporting them to the general hospital or in the hands of Traditional Birth Attendants at home.

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