Food For Fees A Pastoralist Girls Initiative
PGI Constructional Work
  • Project date May 2012
  • Location Garissa County
  • Sponsors AJWS and PGI

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Food for fees

Food for fees is a new strategy to support girls' education in retention, completion and performance of girls in secondary school during this time of the drought intervention. Its objective was to ensure girls whose families are affected by the drought don't miss schools. The schools were also affected by the parents not being able to pay the school with the boarding fees due to the current drought.

The food donations given to the schools is converted to fees and divided among the very vulnerable girls to reduce their accumulated schools fees balances during these droughts by subsidizing the fees of the girls through food donation. Schools receive food donation amount to certain figure, then the school committee sits and look at the really vulnerable cases and this is done with the partner (PGI)

PGI does the purchase of the food for the schools in bulk and donated them and in return we received the list of the girls supported, a receipt is issued to the beneficiaries and PGI also is issued with a receipt of the same. The list of the girls are fixed in all major notice board to know that they have benefit from the project, the community is also sensitize on the project.

So far we have managed to support 6 girls schools which include; Umusalam, Modogashe, Fafi girls, Haji girls, NEP and Iftin girls secondary.

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