Water & Sanitation Conservation A Pastoralist Girls Initiative
PGI Water conservation
  • Project date November 2012 to date
  • Location Fafi and Ijara
  • Sponsors AJWS and PGI

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Water Conservation at Fafi and Ijara

Garissa County is adversely affected by drought that have caused livestock deaths, food shortage, and lack of water, school dropouts and displacement of pastoralist communities in search for water.

The effects of drought can be minimized by construction of more boreholes and water pans, provision of water tanks and installation of room catchment, desitling the current water pans to overcome the challenges of access to water.

Project impact

  • 4748 people will have access to water in Diiso/Dad-dere
  • Children won't miss school to go search for water
  • Searching for water will reduced especially for women and girls
  • Cost of water tracking will reduced since the water pans will collect enough rain water
  • Reduce water contamination through proper trainings
  • Water availability Will encourage agricultural growth

Support Gumarey water project

Project Needs:-Digging boreholes, creating water pans, supplying tanks.Support this project through your generous contribution or you can participate by ethier volunteering your services or skills.

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