School Infrastructural Upgrade A Pastoralist Girls Initiative
PGI Constructional Work
  • Project date Nov 2012 to March 2013
  • Client Iftin, Fafi, Ijara & Umusalama Girls Secondary
  • Sponsors IDRF, Japan Embassy, Safaricom and PGI

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Construction and equipping of Fafi, Iftin, Ijara and Umusalama Girls Schools

Lack of dinning hall affects all schools in Garissa County including the boys but the girls are most vulnerable due to culture that says it's a taboo for girls to be seen eating outside by men. This has affected the learning process of the schools since some of the girls opted to get lunch out of school especially day schools and they miss or come late for their classes.

The girls have their meals under trees with the severe climate in the region. It is not enjoyable and most girls have been skipping meals, which has attritubed to poor performance, PGI through funding from IDRF have taken the initiative of constructing and equipping a 120 capacity dinning hall that will be serving both as a dinning hall and a multipurpose hall for events such as theater events, music festivals.

We also spearheaded the establishment of the first and only Girl's secondary school in Fafi District in partnership with Safaricom Foundation. This has led to construction of classrooms and girl friendly toilets in the school, which was later expanded by the constituency development fund

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