Food Security Project A Pastoralist Girls Initiative
PGI Constructional Work
  • Project date May 2012 to date
  • Location Baraka farm
  • Sponsors AJWS, Ministry of Agriculture and PGI

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Food Security

The Women, girls and elderly are the most affected and bearing the burden of drought since most of the men shifted and left them behind with children and dying animals, hence providing single handed for her family, With scarcity of the of the resource acquiring a three day meal for her family is a burden to her and this makes that family share responsibility with the children.

They need specific needs such as separate ratio of the relief food, water and pasture for animals so as to ease the burden of using children to look after the remaining animals and nutritional supplement for the children

In line with our focus on long term food security strategy PGI will support two women groups to produce their own food. They women will be trained and supported with farm equipments and seed. The project will be a pilot project in Fafi District and will involve the ministry of Agriculture

This unique project started by PGI will also focus on a long term intervention by organizing a one day sensitization workshop for the school teachers, ministry of education officials, ministry of agriculture officials, communities and leaders on how the schools will produce their own food.

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