Mobile Medical Camp A Pastoralist Girls Initiative
PGI Constructional Work
  • Project date May 27th 2012
  • Location Diiso in Ijara District
  • Sponsors IDRF, PGI & Ministry of public health

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Medical Camp in DIISO

In Diiso, the mobile clinic tents were in poor conditions, we could not even reuse them. So we purchased in new tents to replace the earlier one .It was overstretched and was in a pathetic condition, could not store medicines, was not conducive to accommodate both the doctor and the patient.

These poor conditions discouraged and killed the morale of the practitioners. During the assessment we were informed that nurses transferring or seeking greener pastures where they would have a better working condition than that in Diiso.

These was a clear indication that women who are pregnant lacked heath facilities and practitioners to attend to them hence complications attained from the in house delivery carried out by traditional birth attendants, or during transportation to the general hospital which is 35km from Diiso, children lacked simple health care services like immunization.

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Project Needs: purchase of better tents and purchase of medicine help us in provision of better health care services through your generous contributions

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