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There's much you can do in supporting a pastoralist girl. Your gift of money, time and by telling others can help to change a life for the better. We have deviced three simple ways in which you can take part-in, You can Support us through your contribution or Volunteer your skills and services or better still become a long term partner.

Support a Pastoralist Girl today

Sponsor a Pastoralist Girl - By giving 15 USD/ KES 1400 or more every month, you can change the life of a disadvantaged girl in North Easter part of Kenya. Get your family, friends and colleagues at work involved and you will soon be able to impact the lives of these Girls and help break the cycle of poverty and illiteracy in a small community.

Support PGI Projects - Take part in one of the several projects we undertake throughout the year, Your donation helps a whole community through funding projects such as building schools, digging bore holes, constructing water pans, supporting school projects like{Poultry, dairy goats}, buying medicine and providing vaccinations Please check our Projects. We are waiting to hear from you!

Raise Awareness - Raise awareness of disadvantaged Pastoral girls, child poverty and the plight of needy widows and women of North Eastern part of Kenya. Be our voice in your office, social clubs, community and schools. Write or call us to send you information pack on who we are and what we do. Or invite someone from PGI to come and speak to your community or at your event.

Cash Donation

Please donate by phone under (+254) 20 2165 376 or (+254) 721 717 260 or (+254) 720 884 843
Note: Please have your account details ready when calling! Thanks a lot for your donation!!

For donations over 1000 USD you will be sent a donation receipt from Pastoralist Girls Initiative. You can use the receipt for your tax return. Up to 1000 USD the tax authorities also accept a copy of your remittance slip or account statement as evidence for a donation.

Note: Please do not forget to state your address on the remittance slip so that we are able to send you the donation receipt as quickly as possible . Thanks a lot for your donation!

To donate online please fill out the online form provided for by Paypal:

Volunteer Here

If you are an organization or an individual who is committed in participating in any of our various community based development projects geared towards the development of society, then your are in the right place, kindly fill out our registration form and remember to indicate the period of service your willing to offer.

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"The development of any nation is in the education of her children" President Thomas Jefferson

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