Mentor a Girl

Our Mentorship program comprises a dynamic network of women who come from a wide spectrum of career backgrounds and want to pay it forward to society. Pastoralist Girls Initiative (PGI) connects these women with our brilliant pool of scholars, alumnae and general community to mentor and nurture them.

We invite you to get involved by signing up as our mentor!

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and mentors will be matched to the programs that best align with their experience.

What is Mentor Application Form?

A mentor application form is a document that the applicant can fill out and submit it to an educational faculty. These application forms aim to provide information, like a Job Application Form, regarding a professional’s abilities and area of expertise in order to be matched with a mentee. The same goes for the mentees too. They can fill out an application, providing their information regarding their reasons for requiring mentorship and the field of expertise they are interested in. The submitted applications are reviewed and then the reviewers create the matches according to the provided information.

Uses of Mentor Application Form This type of application can be used in any organization that provides mentorship services. It is suitable to use in both the public and the private sector, providing a detailed application that can help mentors find suitable mentees. Mentorships are offered in corporate business as well as in education and just like Employee Review Forms, it is necessary to customize the document in order to reflect on the specific organization’s needs. Every form has a different set of characteristics and details to cover a diverse area of information for every type of mentorship.

Women themselves have the right to live in dignity, in freedom from want and freedom from fear.

Kofi Anan