Sponsor a Girl

Together, we can directly support girls to access education and overcome extreme Poverty.

Why Sponsor GIRLS Education!

  • Pastoralist Girls Initiative believes a good quality education should be provided for all children. PGI works with most vulnerable communities in very remote region of Northern Kenya to ensure that children have access to quality education. 
  • In this region girls are worst affected and denied education.  Girls in the Northern Kenya are married before the age of 18. 
  • The most marginalized girls in Kenya have traditionally been identified as coming from the ASAL (Arid /Semi-Arid Lands) regions. School enrolment in these areas is significantly lower whereby only 30% (Net Enrolment Ratio) of girls enter primary school, out of which only 16.5% complete this level of education.
  • We believe education is one of the biggest factors in preventing child marriage. An educated girl is more likely to marry later, have fewer children, earn more money, invest in her children and become a force for change in society.
  • By sponsoring a girl education, you will protect them from Child Marriage and give the opportunity of a good, happier and healthier life.

Our Strategies

  • Our Girls Scholarship Program works to break the poverty cycle by helping vulnerable girls complete school or receive further education or training, helping not just the young women, but also succeeding generations and their communities to have the possibility of a better life with more choice.
  • Our Sponsorship Program aims of keeping girls in school until they complete their education.  Our sponsored girls are from poor families, women led households and girls rescued from Child Marriages or they have very difficult family circumstances.  
  • By providing school fees, uniforms, transport, books, and empowerment programs like leadership and mentorship camps for girls we will redefine girls today to be future women leader’s tomorrow

How the sponsorship works!

When you sponsor a girl, it brings much need change to girl and her family. 

  • 50$a month will pay for school fees to access quality education.
  • 20$ a month will pay for her uniform and books for girl. 
  • 10$ a month will cater for transport and meals in school.

Aisha 16years, lives in Garissa County, Kenya, Child marriage is widespread in this region, despite the government’s efforts to stop it. Local residents often agree to marry off their girls at an early age. Aisha mother is among them. Aisha was force to drop out of school to be married off by her mother. The family poor background had forced. Aisha escaped to run away from physical violence from her family members and hide in the bush for one week. Its then that PGI got the information through our Community Household Volunteer and we rescued Aisha and took her back to school. 

“I didn’t want to run away from home but I had no option but to do that so that I can save myself from early marriage” Aisha

Women themselves have the right to live in dignity, in freedom from want and freedom from fear.

Kofi Anan