• Fafi girls’ secondary school. Construction of the school from identification of land, fencing, construction, and equipping. Setting up classrooms, kitchen, dormitory, laboratory, IGA, dairy goats and poultry. Done in partnership with Safaricom foundation.
  • Hulugho girls’ secondary school in Ijara subcounty, water collection and equipping of laboratory.
  • Banane secondary school, renovation and equipment of laboratory, toilets and roof water collection. Water storage tank was installed, 10000 litres.
  • Madogashe secondary Laghdera sub county, equipment of laboratory and poultry farm.
  • Umusalama girls secondary school, a dining hall was constructed and laboratory equipment and construction of school dispensary.
  • At, Iftin Girls secondary school, laboratory and dining hall was constructed.
  • At Garissa county, a girl’s scholarship programme was implemented with a target of 20 schools. Fafi girls, 63 girls, Umu salama girls s, 71 girls, NEP girls, 85 girls, Husuf Haji, 57 girls, Hulugho girls 46 girls, Banane 50 girls, Saka Girls, 43 girls, Iftin Girls 58 girls, Mbala mbala girls 59, Detu girls 54, Ijara secondary 52 girls, County mix secondary 44 girls, Madogashe 71 girls with the 763 girls. PGI supported primary schools with uniform and sanitary. Eg Hugha and ADC primary.
  • A climate change in Schools intervention project was successfully implemented in 20 schools in Tana River county, 8 schools were supported with installation of energy saving JIKOS , solar system in 6 schools, , kitchen gardens 6 schools, environmental support (tree planting, environmental clubs in schools) in all 20 schools, renovation in 2 schools. Equipped 8 schools with desks. Within the 20 schools there was training of 900 girls on leadership and mentorship skills. Hygiene kits was also provided for 900 girls in partnership with WHH, GCN.
  • Currently Under Girls Education Challenge – Transition locally refered to “Wasichana Wetu Wafaulu” (WWW) project,
    • 79 Schools are being supported reaching a total beneficiaries of 8100 girls.
    • The girls benefited from 9 interventions namely:
      • cash transfers,
      • bursaries 290 girls who joined secondary in 2017 and,
      • mentorship,
      • 500 back to school kits,
      • catch up, » teacher coach and training in all 79 schools,
      • family travel grants, » community conversations with IGA,
      • solar lamps.
      • Digital Learning : Teachers were provided with Tablets and projectors under the teacher coach and training.
Women themselves have the right to live in dignity, in freedom from want and freedom from fear.

Kofi Anan