Pastoralist Girls Initiative (PGI) is an indigenous, National Non-Governmental Organization that was registered in 2008. PGI works to enhance the capacity of women and girls from ASAL communities to develop resilience, economic growth and adaptation to climate change. In doing so we work with a wide range of stakeholders interested in the EMPOWERMENT of women and girls from the pastoralist communities to achieve their potential and improve the quality of their lives as individuals and collectively that of the entire community. PGI works largely focuses on girls and women to develop their leadership skills and empower them to take lead in addressing challenges that affect their development including early marriages, female genital mutilation, and education amongst others. It supports women to initiate income-generating activities as well as develop resilient skills to cope with ever changing environmental factors. 

PGI’s vision is: ‘Empowered ASAL communities realizing their fullest potential and leading dignified human lives’. 

PGI’s mission is: ‘To promote sustainable development by enhancing the capacities of ASAL communities through integrated development approaches’.

PGI’s Key thematic areas of focus are;

1. Humanitarian Response and Livelihoods 

Health and Gender.

2. Natural Resource Management and Climate Change.

3. Education, Peace and Security

4. Institutional Strengthening and Resource Mobilization.

Pastoralist Girls Initiative  in Partnership with our Donors and Garissa County Government is implementing a WASH project on Improved access to safe adequate water and critical inclusive WASH-related information and activities for disease prevention in Lagdera, Ijara, Garissa township, Dadaab and Balambala Sub Counties in Garissa County. Through this project PGI is planning to undertake: 

1. Solarization of Damajaley Borehole in Dadaab Sub-County, Garissa County.

2. Solarization of Abdisamid Borehole in Balambala Sub-County, Garissa County.

3. Solarization and Equipping of Derderey Borehole in Balambala Sub-County, Garissa County

For this purpose, we hereby invite bidders to submit tender for the execution and completion of the above assignment as provided in the tender documents.

Women themselves have the right to live in dignity, in freedom from want and freedom from fear.

Kofi Anan