Natural Resource Management and Climate Change

  • PGI has supported three farms in Fafi sub county from bush clearing, excavation, planting, providing water pumps, canal lining, trainings, PVC pipes, provision of seedlings. With the farms having 45, 50 and 28 members with each member benefiting from 0.5 ha, a total of 615 ha. The total beneficiaries of this project being 123 direct and 738 indirect beneficiaries. (Maendeleo farm, Damakaa farm,).
  • 10 farms (10 groups) have been supported with fodder production through the OFDA project. Beneficiaries: Dololo minde 20 members, Balich 13 members, Kamuthe 17 members, Nanighi 22 members, Maendeleo 8 members, Aloley 9 members, Sankuru Qorder 5 members, Bismillahi 11 members, Adele 26 member, Warable 14 members. The beneficiaries are as follows: direct 145 and indirect 870.
Women themselves have the right to live in dignity, in freedom from want and freedom from fear.

Kofi Anan